For the second August, Washington commanders released wide receiver Calvin Harmon.

Harmon's release this year was part of a Commanders deal that

narrowed their roster to 80 players before Tuesday's deadline.

Washington also issued offensive tackle Rashod Hill.

Harmon was Washington's sixth-round draft pick in 2019.

He came up with Terry McLaurin and the two were seen as a possible future pairing.

The commanders released the Harmon in August last year before the final cut.

McLaurin is a franchise player and last month signed a three-year extension worth $72.8 million.

Curtis Samuels, who the team signed last year for three years,

$34.5 million, is on track to recover after the 2021 season. Also,

Washington drafted Jahan Dotson in the first round this year and Dimy Brown in the third round last year.